Piano Tuner

I ordinarily serve the following communities in California: San Leandro, Berkeley, Alameda, Oakland, Hayward, Castro Valley, Dublin, Livermore. I will go further for a travel fee. 

My rates are governed by the condition of your piano, but I will always offer a competitive rate. Having you for a long-term, satisfied customer is more important to me than a fat check. 

I work weekdays, weekends, and evenings.  I’ve been doing this for more than twenty years. Call 510-710-4035 to make an appointment. I do piano and harpsichord professional concert quality tunings for performance venues, recording studios, theaters, churches, schools and homes.  I charge on a sliding scale, so don’t be shy about calling.

Because of changes in temperature and humidity, it is recommended that an inhome or church piano should be tuned twice a year to maintain the instrument’s proper pitch and a decent overall sound.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, in San Leandro.  My tuning is not limited to the Bay Area.  It is only limited by your pocketbook.  If you have the means I am open to contracting with you to be a personal keyboard concierge that provides the highest level of complete service.

For those of you who are piano collectors or have a vision for perfection and quality I propose a HIGH END SCENARIO…

I may be hired on a retainer or on a full-time basis.  I can also be hired for special services such as the following.  I help clients select and/or purchase beautiful pianos and harpsichords from anywhere in the world.  I then oversee the delivery of the instrument, traveling with it and make sure the instrument is handled and assembled correctly and placed where the client wants it.  I tune the instrument according the system preferred by the purchaser (even temperament, Baroque, or whatever).  If called upon to do so I will then provide a series of music lessons in the client’s home for the buyer or the buyer’s child(ren).

Contact Dr. Mark Griggs at markgriggs at mac dot com or Call 510-710-4035 to ask questions or make an appointment.



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